We’ve Made the Jump!

We are excited about this book!  After military retirement all of us have successfully made the transition to the civilian world but most of us have never tried anything like this.  Writing this book has been a tremendous experience.  It has caused each of us to reflect deeply on our military service and experiences and identify what leadership practices worked… and what did not.  It has been a humbling yet amazingly profound experience.

We would like you to join us on this journey by not only reading the book but reflecting on your own experiences and how the principles outlined in this volume might apply to you and your world of work.  Use “Breaching the Summit” as a journal and mark it up with your own thoughts and experiences….  And most importantly pass it on to those you lead.  This book shows that the leadership principles that we learned in the military are universal and will improve the performance of any individual or team…. military or not who have the honor and obligation of leading others.

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